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Ontario just got 125 times more unusual! Features 10 new destinations. 

"(The author) has the gift of finding lots of things interesting and of them being able to write beautifully about those things."
-- Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal 

In his relentless quest to discover the unusual, Ron Brown has traveled nearly every road in Ontario. Since this book's previous edition, Top 125 Unusual Things to See in Ontario, he has been traveling again. There are now 125 unusual locations to see in Ontario. 

Thoroughly researched and written in an inviting style, descriptions offer fascinating stories with background, location and accompanying color photographs. Most places are easy to reach from Ontario's major population centers and bordering American cities and towns. 

The 10 new locations are: 

  • Eastern Ontario
    1. 'Round and 'Round We Go: The Roseneath Carousel
    2. The Symbolic Cenotaph: Alderville First Nation
    3. Buckhorn: Ontario's "Boulder City" 


    South-Western Ontario
    4. Lake Erie's Cold War Submarine: HMCS Ojibwa
    5. The Ghost Squirrels of Exeter 

    Central Ontario and Toronto Area: 
    6. The Kewatin Is Home: Port McNicol
    7. The Hookers of Port Credit (Stone-Hooker's That Is) 
    8. Toronto' Most Unusual Cemetery: The Taber Hill Ossuary 

    Cottage Country and Northern Ontario
    9. A Touch of Asia: The Thunder Bay Pagoda
    10. Stories on the Rock: The Agawa Pictographs 


In Top 125 Unusual Things to See in Ontario, all entries are updated and grouped by location. Detailed maps pinpoint every location.

Top 125 Unusual Things to See in Ontario

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