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Crunch, munch, what are the animals eating for lunch? Mealtimes are an important part of any toddler’s day, and they’ll love finding out what other creatures dine on. Little Hippo wants to chew grass just like Mommy, but mom knows milk is better for him right now. The tall giraffes stretch their necks and reach high in the trees to pick the freshest leaves. Even though rhino looks tough with those sharp horns on his head, no beast need fear him—he eats veggies, instead! From cuddly koala to the friendly reindeer, this is an endearing look at animals around the world.

Look & See: What Do I Eat?

  • ISBN-13: 9781402758270

    ISBN-10: 1402758278

    Authors: Union Square Kids; Union Square Kids

    Binding: Board book

    Publisher: Union Square Kids

    Published: 2008-08-05

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