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Rewild your life! With metal corners and 448 full-color, highly illustrated pages, OUTDOOR SCHOOL: HIKING AND CAMPING is an indispensable tool for young explorers and nature lovers.

Make every day an adventure with the included:
- Immersive activities to get you exploring
- Write-in sections to journal about experiences
- Next-level adventures to challenge even seasoned nature lovers

No experience is required―only curiosity and courage. This interactive field guide to hiking and camping includes:
- Planning your next adventure
- Essential outdoor gear
- First aid & survival
- Navigation
- How to handle extreme weather
- Crossing dangerous terrain
- Setting up camp
- Building a fire in rain or shine
- Games for the trail
- Finding and filtering water
- Animal tracks, calls, and sounds
- Bird watching
- Plant spotting
- Rock hunting
- What to do if you’re lost
And so much more!

Hiking And Camping

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